Thesis hr practices. Erasmus University Thesis Repository: Pfeffers’ HR practices and organizational performance

The use of training positively affects the change in the financial condition of firms in but not during crisis times The rigorous nature of the program introduced me to the various aspects of HRM and helped me develop holistic perspective of entire business management process through courses thesis hr practices finance, strategic management, and marketing.

In the current scenario Thesis hr practices stress on interdisciplinary training reflects its futuristic and progressive outlook, thus it is bound to provide me with required expertise and resources to facilitate quality research in my chosen field.

Research assignments like "Analyzing the impact of social and cultural factors on Work Practices in India On the basis of Geert Hoefstede's 5diemesions " helped me develop critical thought processes along with ability to analyze conflicting views in order to reach a valid conclusion. Three factors which were thesis hr practices were 1 Having well defined job descriptions and recruitment procedures for the purpose of selective hiring.

My supervisors were justified in expressing their apprehension because my inability to defend the dissertation would have been fatal to my prospects of completing the degree.

I also performed an individual study and presentation on Organizational Change Management. This provided me wonderful opportunity to explore and thesis hr practices about empirical research in an area outside the scope of my interest. As a researcher their talent for solving intractable problems and ability to think outside the confines of existing knowledge often results in paradigm shift and as a teacher they have the power to both mould and influence future generations.

I am also interested in exploring issues pertaining to work life balance and would like to explore the scope and extent to which such initiatives are practically feasible especially in context of developing countries like India.

Pfeffers’ HR practices and organizational performance

The research intended to analyze employee related challenges which hinder implementation of TQM and whether NLP can help to overcome the said barriers. After some brain storming sessions with my supervisor and interactions with Ashok Subramanian, An International NLP trainer whose research paper and case study on NLP to promote effective Implementation of ISO was the foundation of my thesis, I realized, that basic tenets of NLP are aligned with my own personal belief and experience that, human excellence is not a matter of chance but it is a matter of choice.

My mind drifted back to the time I had presented first draft of my proposal to the team of supervisors and course thesis hr practices on the topic "Investigating the effectiveness of Neuro -Linguistic Programming NLP in implementation of Total Quality Management TQM ".

This is the kind of life I envisage for myself. I was also required to ensure that the referencing and bibliography is done according to the Harvard referencing method. Keeping in my mind that many studies ex: Secondly empirical studies regarding utility of NLP within the field of business management were almost nonexistent.

The global competition, fast rate of technological adaptation has made it clear that superior work force skills and employee performance will go a long way in determining firm's competitiveness and profitability. In the case of agency work, the use of practice does not have a significant impact on the change in the financial position of firms.

I first became aware of my passion for research during the seven months of my dissertation.

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Considering the scope and level of research I was cautioned that conducting research on this topic posed two serious challenges. Following is my SOP Academicians wield enormous influence in their field, those in business management have opportunity to influence both educational and corporate sector and thus have an impact on society itself.

Reid thesis hr practices al have pointed out that having stringent HR systems may not be viable for a small enterprise this study suggested adopting three key dimensions out of seven identified by J. After a thesis is published on the HSE website, it obtains the status of an online publication. The topic of research was such that it transcended into the realms of organizational work psychology at the same time drawing liberally from strategic management and TQM research and literature.

Finally after one year of teaching undergraduate students and assisting senior professors I am ready to commit myself to the long but fruitful process of earning a PhD.

In my undergraduate research assignment I determined relationship between HR practices and Employee performance and retention in small enterprises in India. Student Thesis hr practices at HSE must be completed in accordance with the University Rules and regulations specified by each educational programme. My professional as well as academic experience till date has given me ample of opportunity to explore organizational factors which have an impact on employee performance.

I enjoyed applying interdisciplinary approach to thesis hr practices different viewpoints focusing upon central research problem. My Master's thesis explored the efficacy of NLP techniques in implementation of TQM and introduced me to the challenge of qualitative analysis. I applied and was accepted to study MSc.

I thoroughly enjoyed each of these projects; the learning I had through these research studies and prepared me conduct research for my dissertation. The full text of a thesis can be published in open access on the HSE website only if the authoring student copyright holder agrees, or, if the thesis was written by a team of students, if all the co-authors copyright holders agree.

In order to gain critical understanding of NLP this study evaluated the view point of those who are skeptic regarding existence of NLP.

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However I felt need for strong functional and operational knowledge base before I committed myself to the field of academics. In each of which I completed individual or group assignments.

While research experience developed my analytical skills, my work experience in capacity of HR manager and Center Head provided me with strong functional knowledge. The pinnacle of this study came when one of the organizations where I had conducted the study, actually sought the recommendations I had made in my report.

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Through analysis of past recruitment records and interviews with employees I was able to establish that ad-hoc and informal nature of HR practices results in low employee retention. My responsibilities included checking and maintaining grammatical consistency throughout the research paper and ensuring meaningful conclusions by amending language based ambiguities.

International HR Practices

At XYZ university, I hope to conduct research on how various HR practices can have strategic impact in developing employee competencies and capabilities. This paper presents the results of an empirical study based on a survey of firms conducted in and by The Labor Market Research Laboratory of the Higher School of Economics.

For the purpose of presentation, I chose to study two departments within the university which were undergoing a merger. The impact of training, agency work thesis hr practices fixed-term contracts on the financial condition of firms was revealed.

In order to acquaint myself with subtle nuances of academic research and writing, I volunteered as editor for National Accounting Review Journal, published by University of Technology, Mara, Malaysia.

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The thrill of discovery, mastery and focused sense of purpose encouraged me to overcome the inherent challenges that of lack of empirical research on NLP of the study. I was asked to re-examine my motivation to conduct research on the said topic. At this point of time I had realized that I wanted to forge my career in research and teaching.


My interest, in interplay of various factors within an organization that influence employee performance stems from my personal experiences of living and working in a labor intensive developing economy like India.

I interacted with the University management acquaint myself with the indented process of completing the merger. The influence of fixed-term contracts depends heavily on the state of the economy. The influence of practices observed in this paper - training, agency work and fixed-term contracts - in the Russian literature is evaluated only in the context of other practices or not studied at all.

The day results for my Master's degree were announced, I was thrilled to find that I was awarded Commendation for my research thesis. I discovered an earnest desire to learn and generate new ideas.

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However, inthe impact can be reflected by an inverse U-curve, and a positive effect prevails on average. First, there was absence of substantial scientific evidence on effectiveness of NLP. The influence in is negative.

I outlined four important factors which resulted in ad-hoc nature of HR practices in small enterprises in India. Interactions with key NLP proponents and senior managers and employees at various organizations helped me develop a wholesome perspective on TQM and on practical scope of NLP. The idea to pursue doctoral studies has evolved with various research experiences I had till date.

The fact that XYZ university encourages students to take electives from other schools like Thesis hr practices of Educational Studies, School of Politics and Economics and School of Management, accentuates the importance it places on developing interdisciplinary knowledge and thesis hr practices in its future scholars.

Summaries of all theses must be published and made freely available on the HSE website. The seven months of this research study was the most exhilarating time of my life. While bearing in mind the significant differences in thesis hr practices economic and social context within which business operate in India and England my study builds thesis hr practices the evidence presented by Bacon et al indicating positive impact of defined HR systems on small businesses in England.

As pointed out by Haneman et al thesis hr practices Haneman and Berkley the scarcity of literature on impact of HR practices in small enterprises, necessitated me to perform participant observation and analysis of past recruitment records at the firms chosen for the sake of study. This realization gave me a personal motivation to probe whether NLP as a tool can help organizations create an environment that facilitates such choices to improve employee performance in the organization.

Studying this change process and its implications on employees proved extremely valuable during my master's thesis in understanding why major change process like TQM implementation often fails.