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The stranger camus essay topics was born in in Algeria in a family of a French settler and a Spanish woman. He begins to think about his mother, and understand why she had all of a sudden, started to begin a new life. Actually, I was so sure of myself, far surer then he; sure of my present life and of the death that was coming […] but at least that certainty was something I could at least get my teeth into-just as it had got its teeth into me Camus In he returned to Algeria where he stayed until the Allies returned to Paris.

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At this time Camus became interested in football, yet tuberculosis has put an end to his hobby. Meursault is aware of this ability, and that this is what defines his revelation.

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When he goes to jail, the protagonist seems to come off as a free being rather than outside of it. Although at first, Meursault uses his isolation to live a simple life because it is the path of least resistance he the stranger camus essay topics uses his detachment from society to finally understands that he has the ability to make his own choices.

Anarchism remained in Camus mind for the rest of his life.

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His close friend and publisher Michel Gallimard drove the car and also perished. In he married for the second time. He realizes that she, so close to death, felt like she should live it all over again, and fill in what she left the stranger camus essay topics the first time.

The Stranger by Albert Camus Essay The Stranger by Albert Camus Essay 1 January Religion If people were to accept that absurdism exists then that would mean that life is irrational and has no arrangements of any sort. However, this is not true because a life can be lived out rationally or irrationally and be meaningful at the same time because it is a choice.

In the beginning Meursault feels no personal guilt for killing the Arab yet he somehow knows that he has done something wrong within himself.

This is where Meursault finally begins to transform from a passive person into someone who forms their own opinions. Nevertheless, just like his job, Meursault feels like he could get used to any type of lifestyle, whether it be marriage, a new job, or being in the stranger camus essay topics.

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Proving that he was detached from most aspects of life, and is existentialistic towards anything natural and indifferent. Though this story does show the racism that the French projects onto the Arabs, Camus also uses this book to teach readers the idea of what can be meaningful to the lives of humans as well as how the philosophy of absurdity fits into it.

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Consequently, if a person is known to be an absurdist, people would generally think that means someone who lives a life without any meaning. This is a belief held by people so that they could have a sense of significance.

Society believes Meursault to be immoral because of his detachment and he is put on trial more for his abnormal characteristics than his crime. All alike would be condemn to die one day; his turn, too, would come like the others Camus The antagonist in this allegory is named Meursault, who is sent to trial after he shoots an Arab.

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He smoked, drank, and thought of what things to do when he went back to his home, rather than the stranger camus essay topics of his feelings. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Absurdity basically means that the world is so full of nonsense that it is almost impossible to find any sort of meaning in life so therefore everything is meaningless.

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Since he had put her in the Home, he was detached both emotionally and physically from her. Still on September 5, Francine gave birth to twins Catherine and Jean. He finally accepts that life itself lacks rationality and meaning anyway and does not need any form of order to find meaning.

Even in jail, Meursault feels detached from Marie.

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These three examples showed that Meursault did care in the beginning about life.