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If a person murders someone, he is still the same man physically before he committed that murder thus if any one gives this plea that he is a different person cannot be accepted because he used hi free will and committed that murder. They are the only rational beings in the universe hence with the free will comes to them the Responsibility, moral responsibility of their actions and decisions.

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For example, if a person does shoplifting in sound state with the knowledge of the legal actions that might take place if he gets caught, he is responsible for his actions. Evaluating its activities, the society takes in consideration not only the operational and financial performance but also power and responsibility essay the organization conducts its activities, taking care of their own employees, to what extent its activities corresponds to the interest of other market participants, local community as well as society as a whole.

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But the idea of moral responsibility will not suit to an amoralist. Whereas the latter says that one is also responsible for himself as well as others. Power and responsibility essay example, winking and blinking, these two are two different actions, The former involves free will where as the latter does not involves freedom of will.

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These actions are determined by previously determined causes. The company is a member of society. One has to take care of his health and this is his moral and natural responsibility. Responsibility has also been classified in two different types.

Social activities of enterprises that improve life of the local community or eliminating the need for government regulation may be in their own interests because of the benefits of participation in society. In power and responsibility essay to enhance social responsibility, the power and responsibility essay management should keep in mind that demands of society are becoming more personalized for organizations.

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power and responsibility essay Hence the argument which is given here proves to be wrong that Responsibility takes away our freedom, because whenever we are free to think something we are also free to think that for what things we are responsible and for we are not and for this we use our reason.

This is the ideal condition; the actual situation is quite different with a few exceptions. Constructive criticism is another kind of freedom which, must be encouraged because this criticism may prevent people from doing wrong things. Moral obligation to behave socially responsibly.

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There are circumstances or conditions under which a person is held responsible, they are as follows: We have the control over our free will and our actions but we cannot control the natural law.

It is said that we are responsible for our actions that we do out of our free will, thus I have discussed freedom of human mind and the responsibility that comes to us with the freedom of will.

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And these choices of actions and free will are not determined by predetermined causes. This results in the theory that is exactly opposite to Determinism, and this theory is called Indeterminism. Responsibility can be of two types one is Retrospective and the other is Prospective responsibility.

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When a power and responsibility essay is born he has no freedom, freedom of will basically because thesis statement key words is not able to think in the way we do, he lacks the ability to respond and thus he has no responsibility.

This is somewhat similar to the libertarian view which says that human behaviour is largely uncaused and they have their roots in social and environmental upbringing. Human beings inherently possess free will but they also possess the power of reasoning because they are power and responsibility essay beings hence the entire concept of linking freedom and responsibility becomes feasible for humans.

With this freedom he becomes responsible for certain work like doing homework on time, petting animals, or anything else which comes under his ability.

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Psychological, Law of causality, Theological. Being a responsible person is an attribute to be respected because responsibility builds our character, makes us successful and a wise person.

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In this case soundness of mind is very important before taking any legal decision because only a mentally sound person is capable of using his mind in the correct way before taking decision or making a choice of action.

Power and responsibility essay example, if I want to listen loud music and I enjoy it power and responsibility essay doing so will affect other people in the house, in such a case either I will listen to my free will and do whatever I want or I will think that, it is my responsibility to take care of the people who are there in the house.

However there are some factors which determine that our will is not free.