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Within the Struggle are several short events: Monomyth essay intro Crossing of the first Threshold During this stage the Hero finally crosses the threshold. Another use of this theme starts at the beginning of the movie.

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To fear nothing and never doubt was key to Neo becoming the one. Morpheus challenges Neo throughout this part helping him through his transformation. With all this the hero becomes and master of both worlds, this leads to freedom.

This connection is shown throughout the movie by the phone call that is used to bring them in and out of the matrix. Once Neo and Trinity monomyth essay intro back to the ship it hits Neo.

A goddess figure introduces the protagonist to the concept of unconditional love and acceptance, and triumphing over his fears and frustration. The Oracle told Trinity that she would fall in love with the one.

The supernatural aid Neo received was Trinity removing the bug the agent used to track him. The third and final move The Return; includes the refusal to return because of some force. Within the departure are several short events: The Crossing of the Return Threshold Before the journey is over the Hero must cross the threshold one last time. Between the spike that goes into the back of their heads and to be shown that nothing is real show the transformation Neo willing to take.

Strange enough Neo needed to hear this; I feel it took the pressure off of him and allow him to open his mind. Without looking back the protagonist left the young man to cry alone. Trinity helped Neo also many other times throughout his journey.

Now the protagonist faces the final test in his journey.

In the Matrix Neo had the ability jack in. Most of the team died during this part and Morpheus was captured. This meaning that he has monomyth essay intro powerful talent, which allows him monomyth essay intro control life in The Matrix. Cypher allowed the Agents to track Neo and them as they traveled into the matrix.

He understands and believes he could save Morpheus and starts to believe he is the one. The scene that describes this stage is when the Agents were tracking Neo and Morpheus called to help him. In The Matrix we watch the growth and transformation of Neo throughout his journey.

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Woman as Temptress There are many temptations that tempt us everyday. Rescue from Without A hero would be nothing without the help from others. The Road of Trails At this stage the hero is put through a number of tests. For the most part it is now or never. Throughout the matrix there were many fights against the agents. This allowed him to be removed from the Matrix and put into an unknown world.

Freedom to Live Once the hero has mastered both worlds there is nothing holding them back. The Ultimate Boon It is at this point of the journey where the hero has a complete understand of what they are there for and has completed their transformation.

When Agent smith shot Neo, his heart stopped and almost died. The stages are departure or separation, struggle monomyth essay intro initiation, and return and reintegration. To me this is represented in two different ways in The Matrix. Sometime during this stage, the journey is jeopardized by temptation.

The protagonist fully accepts the quest to find the knowledge that he needs to answer his unanswered questions. In this case, the role of the father is Morpheus.

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The guiding spirit that helped the protagonist monomyth essay intro his own curiosity and concern about the young man. In order for the character to guide him back to his quest, a guiding spirit appears and causes the hero to commit consciously or unconsciously to the adventure. The second step Initiation; involves the learning and transformation process.

Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski. Two seconds later someone is at the door and one of them has a tattoo of a white rabbit on their arm.

The realm of the gods is a forgotten dimension of the world we know. He follows the white rabbit and meets Trinity. The Refusal of the Return This is the stage where to hero monomyth essay intro found peace in the other world.

For example in the Matrix this stage deals with Cypher and how he is tempted by the comforts of illusion. It took Trinity to save Neo from death by talking to him and kissing him. An example is when they are jumping rooftop to rooftop. The next example is when Neo is first taken out of the Matrix.

The Magic Flight This is when the Hero can travel back and forth between worlds easily. This is also displayed by the flight Neo took over the city. The monomyth is made up of three stages that the hero moves through.

The demon that the hero must triumph over is the setting of the story, the big-city. The operator load skills and traits into the hero, just as we would load software into a computer. Along with this transporting back and forth between worlds becomes easier, and the information learned throughout the journey is retained.

The Oracle knew Neo needed to hear this in order to help his journey. To Neo it seemed like a dream but this really happened to him. Apotheosis At this stage the Hero finally understands what they monomyth essay intro brought to do and who they are.

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The protagonist enters the final stage, Return and reintegration. Another example includes when they show Neo flying over the city. This being said this stage deals with the hero getting into some sort of trouble and is saved by someone else. Once the hero crosses, there is no turning back.

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The protagonist triumphs over his demon with his new found knowledge about unconditional love and acceptances monomyth essay intro others then returns home as a rebirth of a new self into a new life. At this stage the protagonist is not aware that everything in his life is going to top essays writers sites us. At this point in the story the hero meets with someone who helps them understand themselves, which in turn helps the hero throughout his journey.

It is at this time where the Hero is summoned and asked to leave everyday life. The word father stands for a man who protects and cares for someone.

The protagonist moves monomyth essay intro his next stage, Struggle or initiation. This is also when Neo starts to view the Matrix differently. Neo feels responsible for Morpheus getting captured and will do everything in is power to save him.

Not the big-city thing…the human thing. This is more of a literal use of the theme Call to Adventure since they could only enter and leave the matrix by a phone call. The role of the Oracle in The Matrix monomyth essay intro this role.

This is the beginning of his journey and things will never be the same for Neo. During this stage temptation is no different. Without this the journey could not have been stopped short. The protagonist is still frustrated about how he was not there for the young man. It is during this part where the hero learns who they really are and run into some kind of temptation, which leads to trouble but in return allows the hero to discover the true within.

Whether you are a hero or not, everybody has their own journeys which involve some of the same troubles found in history.

What happened?

During this time the hero is normally changed and have retained wisdom they learned throughout the journey. The stage before Atonement interesting thesis statements the Father to me sets this stage up perfectly. The hero exceeds their judgment on themselves and can now live without fear.