“My Prison Studies Malcolm X”: Summary and Reaction

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During the summer ofMalcolm returned to Africa and was accorded observer status at the heads of states summit conference of the OAU.

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His English teacher advised him to take up carpentry, although he was an outstanding student and wished to become a lawyer. Inafter returning to Boston, he was arrested for burglary and sentenced to ten years in prison. He pointed out that the persistence of racism would lead to racial violence and the need of Afro-American self-defense.

Malcolm X emphasizes the harm of distractions on cognitive learning.

Malcolm X: Saved Comprehension

This explained the worldwide exploitation of non-whites and their devotion to non-Islamic religions. From Chicago the Nation of Islam grew into a significant movement that eventually established schools, apartment houses, grocery stores, restaurants, and farms for the benefit of American blacks.

During World War II he parlayed his zoot-suit, street-hustler image and the fears of the white psychiatrist at the induction center into a draft exemption.

He obtained jobs with a dining-car crew on trains traveling to New York City and as a waiter in a Harlem nightclub. But his accomplishment only temporarily obscured the racism of this relatively environment. Within seconds at least three men rose from their seats and began firing at Malcolm X with shotguns and pistols.

Eventually, however, the severe strain overwhelmed her and she succumbed to mental illness. He announced the formation of the Muslim Mosque, Incorporated. While Malcolm X was re writing the dictionary he was absorbing more than if he was to watch a video or television. With distractions such as television, movies and video games one can be content with just passing time rather than learning and further increasing their knowledge.

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On February 21,he stepped to the podium in a Harlem ballroom and greeted the audience of four hundred that had malcolm x prison studies essay to hear him speak. Malcolm X used writing as a way malcolm x prison studies essay memorize and better understand words. The mistreatment of his parents, especially his mother, became a source to Malcolm Little. That was a very bad statement, Elijah Muhammad told him.

In the years since his death Malcolm X has come to be recognized as a leading figure in the black struggle for recognition and equality. Through the library Malcolm broadened his education and familiarized himself with subjects ranging from philosophy to politics. To some middle-class integrationists, his pilgrimage had transformed him into one of them.

Malcolm X asserted that whites acted devilishly toward blacks because that was their nature.

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Released from prison inLittle quickly entered the Muslim fold and became an effective recruiter. Louise Little was then placed in a mental institution and her children were sent separately to various foster homes.

In his time in jail he had [few] distractions, which allowed him to better absorb knowledge.

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Louise Little and her children were casualties of a welfare system that made meager efforts to keep black families together. The white media, which had portrayed Malcolm X as a violent racist fanatic played up the statement.

One must malcolm x prison studies essay able to differentiate the educational programs from entertaining fictional programs. Some nationalists were offended by his acceptance of interracial brotherhood. She subsequently suffered a mental breakdown, and the court placed her in the state mental hospital at Kalamazoo, where she remained for the next twenty-six years.

The act of writing helps the writer better understand complex subjects. There is good evidence that writing things down might in fact help the writer remember things better. When his mother was pregnant with him, Ku Klux Klan riders, brandishing shotguns and rifles, galloped up to the family home looking for his father.

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The Nation of Islam held, through its spiritual leader, Elijah Muhammad, that the black race was the first creation of God, or Allah. By this time, he believed that leaders of the Nation of Islam and even more powerful elements within the American government wanted him dead; a week later he was assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem. Malcolm X Malcolm X used literacy as the main tool to gain knowledge.

His eventual conversion to the Nation of Islam resulted in his renunciation of his life-style.

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The overwhelming amount of entertaining media can prove distracting when using television or movies as a learning tool. As gunfire continued more than thirty shots were reportedly heard daring witnesses attacked and subdued the assassins. Carl Rowan, the first black director of the U. In the penitentiary Malcolm continued malcolm x prison studies essay reckless ways, using drugs and presenting such an unsavory demeanor that his fellow inmates referred to him as Satan.

Resume for leaders he was undaunted and continued to speak on behalf of black unity and harmony. In April he left for Mecca. In New York City, Little began selling and using narcotics, gambling, and steering whites looking for sex in Harlem to the correct locales.

To the Muslims, whites were the physical and spiritual descendants of the devilish Yacub, a black scientist in rebellion against Allah.

Since there was little difference between white liberals and conservatives on the race issue the only solutions were the return to Africa or the division of the United States into black and white nations. The emerging civil rights movement provided a forum for blacks of varying persuasions.

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In the case of Malcolm X the copying of the dictionary helped him broaden his vocabulary and gave him a better understanding of written works. Although Butler and Johnson were Black Muslims, the trial did not reveal whether or not the assassins were a part of a conspiracy.

Therefore, it was to believe that racial equality and integration could be achieved.

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Malcolm X accredits most of his knowledge to the time he spent imprisoned. If Malcolm X were alive today he would have been just as likely to have needed and valued literacy. Seven shots slammed him backwards while spectators scrambled for cover. While at the detention home he made an excellent record at the Mason Junior High School and was elected seventh-grade class president.

In the family moved to East Lansing, Mich.

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The country loved this man. They had six children. But even those hopes faded after he confided to his high school English teacher that he hoped to someday become a lawyer, whereupon the teacher urged him towards a vocation instead of a profession and told him to be realistic about being a nigger.

Through letters and visits from family members he was introduced into the Lost-Found Nation of Islam popularly known as the Black Muslims. That February, three months before his twenty-first birthday, he was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Only by copying the dictionary was Malcolm X able to absorb as much knowledge as he did.