Literature review for personality traits. Personality Traits as Predictor of Emotional Intelligence among the University Teachers as Advisors

After the completion of study questionnaire, each participant was thanked for their cooperation and participation. It encompasses the actions you take and the decisions you make. Neuroticism consists of 8 items with 3 reverse-scored items and 10 items are for openness to experience with 2 reverse-scored items.

Understanding, managing, and employing emotions are required to build up a strong personality. The number of contacts of the researcher with the respondents is only one; therefore, this is study warrants a cross-sectional study design and not a longitudinal study design.

Research indicates that personality traits have an effect on the development of the emotional quotient of an individual, and emotional quotient has an influence on the application and development of the personality of the individual [ 13 ].

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The sampling technique applied for drawing out the sample was convenience sampling. However, teachers while acting as advisors in educational institutes faced some problems and obstacles that influenced their performance and mental wellbeing.

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Hence, a strong need is felt for the development of the emotional and social growth in students, right from the elementary level to the highest echelons of learning, that is, universities. Literature reveals an established evidence for a strong association between EI and various personality traits [ 14 ].

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For addressing the said problem, the General Administration of Guidance and Counseling initiated counseling and advisory service programs at the educational institutes through teachers, who were not as thesis statement about love and friendship equipped as they should have been to execute the role of advisory and counseling.

Gender differences concerning EI depend on the kind of assessment tool used, self-report or performance measures. The concept of emotional intelligence has inspired numerous school-based programs of social and emotional learning, as well as management training programs [ 10 ].

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Hypotheses H1 Extraversion has a significant impact on EI. Present research focuses on the investigation of personality traits as predictors of EI among the university teachers serving as student advisors.

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Sports can help you learn teamwork, arts and crafts can make you more patient, volunteering can help you become more caring. Being positive and upbeat can influence everyone around you, and so can negativity. The research question determines which approach best suits the study.

BFI has reflected substantial internal consistency in researches varying from.

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In other words, knowing what kind of information the study should collect is a first step in learning how the study will be carried out also known as a methodology. Try asking yourself some searching questions to discover just what kind of person you are, such as: For example, a friendly smile to a stranger can brighten up their day, just as a glare can cause their mood to drop.

The items are rated on a 5-point Likert scale where 1 indicates strongly disagree and 5 indicates strongly agree. Objectives i To study the impact of five personality traits on EI. Frequency and percentage of the sample regarding demographics.

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They are designed to study some phenomenon by taking a cross section of it at one time see Babbie for more details. Being a more pleasant person helps everyone. Instead, try to shift your thoughts and redirect your mind. Linear regression analysis indicating agreeableness as literature review for personality traits predictor of EI.

Teachers should serve as role models because their effective advisory service helps students to acquire ways of regulating their emotions. It measured variables like age, gender, and education.

H2 Agreeableness has a significant impact on EI.

Personality Traits as Predictor of Emotional Intelligence among the University Teachers as Advisors

The underlying idea was to commence the program and let nonprofessional advisors who are working as teachers keep on rendering advisory services till the time fully trained professional advisors are available. Your personality is set by no one but you. For further references, see [ 18 — literature review for personality traits ] and Zembylas [ 22 ].

H5 Openness to experience has a significant impact on EI.

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For literature review for personality traits skillful management of emotions, it is required to have an understanding of emotions and awareness of the individual differences. One foremost factor leading to this problem was the unclear role of advisors in an educational institution.

Make a concerted effort to fill up that journal with evocative questions and answers. As soon as a physiological stimulation is experienced, it is the stimulus or situation or events in the surroundings of a person that spell out which emotions will be experienced by the person.

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Abstract The focus of the present study was to investigate personality traits as the predictor of emotional intelligence EI among the university teachers working as student advisors.

In short, it can be stated that EI is the ability of a person to detect and to handle emotional cues and information and respond accordingly. The dimensions of agreeableness and conscientiousness have nine items each, out of which 4 are reverse-scored for each.

However, adult personality is not rigidly determined from birth, and there is room for change [ 10 ].

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There existed an interdependent relationship between personality traits and EI. Make the investment and mold yourself into the best possible version of yourself. EI is considered to be a prerequisite for the teachers working as student advisors as they are required not only to deal with the problems of the student but also to effectively tackle the emotions of students who are in problem.

For inculcating such attributes in the youth, emotional intelligence coupled with an enriched personality is recognized as core competencies for the advisors and counselors for providing effective counseling services. The advisory and counseling role is quite ambiguous for administrators, students, and even the advisors themselves [ 1 ]. Table 5 shows that conscientiousness has no significant impact on emotional intelligence.

Literature Review Emotion is an outcome of the interaction flanked by the physiological stimulation and evaluation of the situation. Items 5, 28, and 33 are reverse-scored. You can flip through a list of nearly cards containing personality traits and their definitions. The respondents have explained the purpose of the study and their consent was taken for the study participation.

The values of of. These emotional abilities are distinctive from, but harmonizing to, the cognitive intelligence indicated by the measurement of IQ. They were handed over the study questionnaire which consisted of demographic information, Big Five Inventory, and Schutte Emotion Regulation Questionnaire.