How to write a skills based cv, alternatively, you...

Listing Other Information With your Skills listed on the front page of your Skills Based CV, it's unlikely you'll have much space left at the bottom of the second page.

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The result enables employers and recruiters of technical and consulting positions to see exactly what they need to within the critical first 30 seconds of reading your CV. If it was recently gained, you can mention any work placement or project that supports your application.

Our CV writing service can help you win the job interviews that would like. Your Skills Based CV should sound professional. You can list your Work History as you would in a Functional CV - your job titles, the employers and the inclusive dates of employment.

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Alternatively, you help with management literature review look at functional CVs that are published online to see how people with similar backgrounds to you approach the task.

If you're a consultant with technical skills, working in a technical sector, then you face a decision when it comes to your professional CV. Nor is there any need to list your entire education.

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Here are some suggested categories for IT, telecoms and consulting professionals. It's hard to write about yourself in a way that sells you as a candidate, as most of us are too modest to do this effectively.

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With less than 30 seconds to make the initial impression, you can't afford to interrupt their reading through clumsy writing. Our CV writing service can expertly produce a CV for you that will quickly grab an employer's attention and convince them to interview you. A useful solution is to use a hybrid, skills based CV format, that combines the strengths of the Chronological and the Functional formats, without the weaknesses.

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Write in the 'third person', as if you're talking about someone else, but never use the pronouns 'he' or 'she'. There is no point in duplicating the content - the space you have available on your CV is valuable and should be used optimally.

When Should You Use a Skills Based CV?

Either group courses according to the different training providers, or include only the most important e. It depends on how many entries you have for each section - you can use three sections or combine them into two or just the one. This particularly applies to positions in the technical industries, including IT and telecoms, as well as consulting roles. Don't struggle on or use a CV that's substandard - it won't get you the interviews you're looking for.

Rather than going into details about your skills, you need to state your job title, how many years experience you have in the key professional areas, your real strengths and genuine personal attributes.

It's easy to rely on your lists of skills and expect these to sell you. Start the sentences with action words verbs as these will be more interesting and convey a sense of your input.

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Architecture, Database development and administration, Hardware engineering, Helpdesk and desktop support, Networks and systems, Software development and engineering, Technical writers, Testing and quality assurance, Training, Web design and usability, Web development.

If you're an IT professional, skills groups can include: The statement is three or four sentences that summarise what you're able to offer the employer. If you're unsure about whether your Skills Based CV is effective or not, ask a trusted friend or colleague to read it for you.

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That's why it's best to start each bullet point with an active word - simply drop the 'he' or 'she' from the start of the sentence. It's still possible to include a Skills section, but this can be shorter.

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Try to include the most relevant and most recent - there's little point in including outdated or outmoded technologies that have since been superseded. Business analyst or Systems analyst, Management and supervisory, IT project management, Strategy consultant, Business consultant or advisor, Management professional, Development consultant, Consulting manager, Transformation manager, Service management consultant, Risk management analyst, Project consultant, Energy analyst, Change management consultant, Solutions and project Management.

The Sections in Your Skills Based CV

With training, don't include every course that led to the development of the skills you have listed under the Skills section of your CV. However, many candidates can put forward identical lists, so it's important to try to stand out as an individual the employer ought to meet.

Can you read the sentences aloud?

Resume Walkthrough : Skills Based Resume Template