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The roll call of suitors shows that they came from all parts of Greece and represented the finest stock of heroes and heirs to property and wealth. This woman, Helen, was the daughter of Zeus and Leda; as Zeus had disguised himself as a swan to seduce his beloved, Helen and her brothers the Dioscuri were born ab ovo -- from an egg.

In the first instance it could be said that she was the occasion of the war, which makes her no less odious; in the second she was responsible for the war, and helen of troy essay topics thus be hated as a scourge, and also condemned on moral grounds. Beyond these incontrovertible specific aspects, however, one feature remains: It was far better than she was.

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Homer's successors never tired of pondering a parallel between Helen and Achilles. Her mother was the beautiful Leda, queen of Sparta, who was ravished by the father of the gods in the form of a swan.

What happened?

People expressed amazement that the Trojan War should have been fought over such an unimportant creature -- a woman -- adding that the woman in question had absolutely no value because she herself had no sense of her own dignity. The Dioscuri meanwhile raised an army and marched on Athens.

When the sisters reached puberty, Helen was kidnapped. If Helen did bring a baby back from Aphidna, it made good sense for Clytemnestra to adopt it, since Helen was still considered a virgin. Although about the same person, these two poems represent two very different perspectives.

Armies were recruited and ships were built. Two of them could be injured, perhaps, but not fatally; two had special gifts that made them physically and mentally superior. With Aphrodite's blessing, he made the queen his wife.

From Women of Classical Mythology: Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships, was a tantalizing enigma from the very first. But Euripides saw his heroine purely as a woman; he did not even accept the possible intervention of Aphrodite to helen of troy essay topics Helen with an irresistible passion.

The former suitors of Helen were reminded of the oath they had sworn. Not only does he depict her character in the same touching, majestic light as his Alcestis or his Polyxena in Hecabehe even extends the study of the sufferings of misrepresented innocence to a tragic interrogation of the identity of the person: It would be interesting to explore the dynamics of this mass courting.

Happy to settle for Tyndareus' niece, the wily Odysseus offered a solution in exchange for Penelope, a match Tyndareus was able to arrange with his brother Icarius. One of the first times he mentions Helen Homer speaks of her 'sobs'. Menelaus did so and was accompanied on his return by Paris, who had accidentally killed his best friend in an athletic contest and needed purification.

There is censure of the power of the gods, the origin of desire and the power of seduction: It was her lot to grace the palace and the kingdom Menelaus soon inherited. As delicious as the story of Leda was, some commentators even went so far as to suggest that Helen and the Dioscuri were conceived at Rhamnus in Attica by Zeus and Nemesis, the usually rather stern and sexless goddess whose job it was to curb excesses.

Saved because the gods finally proclaim the truth, she can rejoin or at least expect to rejoin the pleasant atmosphere of the feasts in Sparta I. She gave helen of troy essay topics to Hermione, Aethiolas, Maraphius, and Pleisthenes, and, according to some, Nicostratus, although many claimed he and Megapenthes were the sons of Menelaus by Pieris, a slave. Upon Helen's return to Sparta, an avalanche of suitors started to arrive.

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She herself seemed almost oblivious to the horrors that surrounded her. Odysseus suggested that each suitor swear an oath to stand behind whomever Tyndarcus selected and be ready at any time in the future to defend the favored bridegroom against any wrong done to him in respect to the marriage.

One of Tyndarcus' nephews was persistently pursuing her as a suitor, even at her very young age. Bell H elen of Sparta was perhaps the most inspired character in all literature, ancient or modern.

Paris had his own helen of troy essay topics, and certainly he had retainers with him befitting his royal status. The two arrived in Sparta, and during the several days necessary for the purification ceremony, Paris had many opportunities to see the gorgeous woman who had essays from harvard promised to him.

Though counseled by such advisers as Antenor and Aeneas to surrender Helen, Priam stubbornly held to his promise to her.

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It is likely Helen had a sufficiently large number of loyal subjects that she could come and go without question. Undoubtedly his passion was heightened by Aphrodite, who must have considered this her most inspired achievement. They built up a cycle of epics telling the whole story of the war from the beginning.

In the last stanza, the author depicts Helen as an unmovable and cold statue. Hecabe says so very forcefully in the Troades: About the time the absolution was completed, Menelaus had to leave unexpectedly for Crete to attend funeral ceremonies for his grandfather Catreus.

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Once seen as a divine scourge, Helen was now regarded as a hateful woman. The lovers had barely left Sparta before couriers were running swiftly to all parts of Greece. It is small wonder some writers contrived alternative versions in which she was made to pay a debt to society. A Broken Women Some women use their beauty and talent to manipulate men to get what they want or to get some sort of advantage.

Some say they left the very next night, but some preparation must have been necessary. It would be shocking if elsewhere she had set an example of adultery.

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No doubt he was as amused as anyone else by the idea of pleading lost causes. While one praises the aesthetic qualities of Helen, the other emphasizes her detachment as well as the ill feelings the country of Greece has for her. Undoubtedly many of the palace guards were secretly in love with her.

She is imprisoned like Hecabe, Andromache and Cassandra.

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Did she act of her own free will? In that case, we can took at an additional reason for her own infidelity: Helen required her own attendants, who included Aethra, the mother of Theseus; Thisadie, sister of Peirithous; and Astyanassa, Clymene, and Electra, servants. This virile young man must have given her bliss she had not imagined, but certainly the shadow of her infidelity and the abandonment of her children must have cast itself across the love couch.

Helen was stunningly beautiful, and this must have caused Clytemnestra some wistful moments when inevitable comparisons were made. The relationship between Helen and Clytemnestra was not so simple. The unthinkable had happened.

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Helen is not deserving of praise, but instead, should be deplored. This inane account would then make the Trojan War a total mockery.

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Already disgraced in most eyes, Paris would then have been little more than a pirate. For the film he produced in Cacoyannis had a cage built in which Helen was discovered, and suddenly booed. One silly version even suggested that Aphrodite deceived her by giving Paris the appearance of Menelaus. Standing beside Hector's body Helen speaks to him, thanking him for never having insulted her.

There is a simple, yet fluid rhyme scheme that is often a pattern of alternating end rhymes.

Helen of Troy Essay Sample

An extraordinary phenomenon must have an extraordinary cause. At Gythium, the port of Sparta, they embarked after Paris dedicated a sanctuary to Aphrodite Migonitis in appreciation for her assistance. Ajax the Greater promised considerable property, some of it not his own but to be acquired if he was chosen. They accepted that Zeus wanted to decimate the human race which had become too numerous, and posited a whole series of events: Much later it was imagined that these two marvellous beings were united beyond death on the fabled Isles of the Blessed.

A helen of troy essay topics ceremony took place, and it was as though Helen was marrying Troy, since her destiny became at that moment interlocked with the destiny of the city.

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