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Symbolism plays a major role in this novel.

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December 6th-9th Template Exemplar Thesis: The Catcher in the Rye occupies the 15th place in the list of the books of all times. The humour allows the readers to relate to the book. Holden, like each of us, faces living in a world he did not create.

The ones thought that it embodied nihilistic ideas, the others believed that it included purely humanistic ideas. Without this, many people would become lost in the dark and depressing topics of the novel. Salinger used Holden as a way of speaking his mind.

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Discuss the meaning or impact of the title of the book as a central, controlling theme in the novel. He was able to speak his mind behind the disguise of a character. Humouris just used to show how dumb people can really be in the world.

All humans are emotional and whether they like it or not they all show it. The novel has always been very popular, especially among the youth, who treated the content close to heart comparing them with Holden Caulfield. Notice how he writes descriptive details about the mitt. The book is very expressive and describes the personal tragedy of the teenager who wants to become a rebel being dissatisfied with the current structure of the human society, its values and the principle of its functioning.

It is this phony attitude, which he finds in others ironically, affects him most in all his relationships. Holden tries not to think about these issues in his life, so he choses to make jokes about them Proof: Teenagers hide their emotions through jokes Analysis: How does Salinger reveal these faults to the reader?

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Why did Salinger choose humour as the tone for his novel? The primary reason for all his failures in his relations is his failure in taking responsibility for himself and his actions. Sarcastic remarks such as the one he made about the men carrying the christmas tree bring humour into the novel to lighten the mood.

He constantly ranted about how he hated these so called people. It is clear that he means insincere when he says people are phony.

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How to Write a Summary of an Article? At the outset it appears that he is championing the cause of protecting children and their innocence but a closer look at his dream reveals it is only a fantasy.

Taking responsibility and applying himself are very odd and stupid ideas for him. When with the women or out on the town, he has a very grown up personality then he would have a child-like quality while doing something else. The narration is carried out by the main character of the novel Holden Caulfield, who describes the realities of the US life and the problems of the modern structure of social relations in quite a controversial form.

His lack of patience causes imbalance in his personality and he becomes very emotional when he faces unpleasant things. Salinger, which was written in The humour was used to point out all the flaws in nature. Supporting Argument 2 Humour is used as a crutch for such a depressing book. What might Salinger have been trying to communicate to his readers through his novel, and how does he do so?

It allows people esl curriculum vitae writers sites for phd as Holden to be themselves and be comfortable around other people.

Also he has not finished school, and all he is doing is wondering around every night around New York City. The novel had an extremely important influence on the culture of the second half of the 20th century but was understood in the different way.

But never comes through to get close enough with someone emotionally. The student has the opportunity to prepare a quality critical essay if he receives information about the peculiarities of its writing from the experienced writer or in the form of a free example critical essay on Catcher in the Rye prepared online.

Catcher in the Rye essay

In conclusion, Humour is a vital aspect in this novel. Holden writes about objects, but are really given disguised meanings. He always just seemed to be confused about life.

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The inexperienced student is able to learn about the right research approach, the style of writing and formatting of the paper and the right logical organization of the text reading a free sample critical essay on Catcher in the Rye.

Taken place in New York City.

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He should be trying to get back into school for a good education to have a bright future. A second example happens when he calls Sally a pain in the ass, he begins to laugh. Throughout the entire novel, Holden Caulfield always seems to ostracize everyone.

Thus, it is his inability to apply himself that has been the major negative characteristic for all his problems and failures in his education, relationships and in defining the purpose of his life. Humour is an important aspect in this type of novel which is very heavy on depressing topics.

If humour was not to be found, the meaning of the novel would have a overall dark atmosphere. He uses humour because the story is told in the perspective of a teenager. As if it is more important to him than it is to Allie, his brother that is dead now.

Holden does not have the patience in his character. Your answer to the prompt will be the thesis of your essay. Even outside the book, extended to free essays catcher in the rye readers, it is easier to understand the novel and it is more easily relatable. Many things such as hiding emotions, and teenagers all confused about life are all things that teenagers are able to relate too.

Teenagers in general and Holden as a reference is very emotional throughout the book. You may consult your agenda, previous notes and our class for essay writing tips.

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The thing that was descriptive about it, though, was that he had poems written all over the fingers and the pocket and everywhere. Symbolism is portrayed through the entire novel. Used to display that Holden is in trouble and is in need of help Analysis: As Holden is growing from a little boy to a young adult, He is very confused about his life and really has no idea where he is going in his future.

One example is when Pheobe is mad at him and he pinches her rear-end. As if He is trying to give the reader a message and that message is, for your life, it is your own story and you have to write the pages and complete it. What faults of the larger society does Holden exhibit?

The Catcher in the Rye

Supporting Argument 1 Why Humour? Since the story is told from a teenage perspective, a teenagers first thought is not to sit around and listen to someone depressing life story, they want to be able to live their life and do new things.

In the novel The Catcher in the Rye, Salinger is able to use humour as a way of connecting with his readers as well as a device to highlight the obvious flaws in nature. It affects all his relationships with his friends, teachers and his girl friends. Humour also allows for a lighter atmosphere Popular Essays. After you neck them for a while, you can really watch them losing their brains.

What Holden sees in them, if they are phony or real.