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The people who use steroids are only cheating in sports and cheating their body of its health, as well. A New Era of Monstrous Athletes.

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Steroid use is beginning to become a common thing for professional athletes. The young athlete in turn ends up being much essays on steroid use in sports than they were actually supposed to be. Winning and being the best is what many people feel sports is all about. Winning and being the best bring recognition. According to Terney steroid use by adolescent has been shown to halt growth prematurely.

But the majority of steroid use in the United State is illegalwith the drugs being smuggled in from other countries. Many athletes can afford expensive trainers and work-out regimens made especially for them.

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The pressure to win placed on these athletes by parents, coaches, and friends may also influence their decision to use steroids Terney, Most helpful essay resource ever! Secondly, the sporting world would be devastated and severely impacted to the point of being turned essays on steroid use in sports down.

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The supporters go against all medical reports that prove the drug is harmful. Over the years the drugs have spread from the weight lifter to bodybuilders to elite athletes to high school students.

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Sports fanatics considered Steroids usage as a form of cheating. Steroids and their effects. In a…We can edit and customize this paper for you. Fifteen athletes in connection with steroids and addiction. Posted on April 20th,by essay. Dads who push their children to excel in sports are only asking for trouble in the future.

There were always cheaters in every walk of life and they will continue to exist. Steroids are extra hormones that are either taken orally or injected into the body. Scott reported that 6. Of the users a large majority had begun to take steroids before they were 17 years old.

People single out the idea that the competitor did not abide by the rules. Many of the athletes are not tested year-round, so many use steroids in the off-season to give them a boost over others Seattle Times. If steroids were legalized in general but still prohibited in the world of sports, as some suggest, the monitoring and control of the use of steroids would be extremely difficult.

These are only a few of the hundreds of unhealthy things that can happen to you when you are on steroid NIDA 4.

essays on steroid use in sports

The pressures of performing well on the field in high school often drive many youngsters to using steroids. Drugs, sports and politics. Human Kinetics Publishers, Athletes will no longer be athletes, they will be robots, programmed and pumped up to win.

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Advertisements and body building magazines try to mislead the public by stating that steroids can help people who are given prescriptions for the drug and therefore, since doctors prescribe it, it must be safe. Many people, medical experts and athletes alike, feel steroids should be legalized. Essays on Anabolic steroids. Psychological effects such as erratic mood swings, irrational behavior, increased aggressiveness, irritability, depression, and a dependency for the drugs are just few that take place Narducci, Truewhich i socialist causes whiteknuckled essay on steroids grip schoolteaching days fists high sculpted.

Essays free on steroids. It is said that over 3 million athletes and bodybuilders have used illegal steroids in this country alone Street 1. Others believe that sports already has enough advantages and disadvantages so why not allow essays on steroid use in sports Whether different athletes use them to gain advancement over others or just use them to keep up, steroid use in all sports is on the increase.

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I was ready to shoot essay on steroids in sports somebody, man. Essays on steroid use in sports who participate in sports in order to get a scholarship or get into professional sports may be more willing to compromise themselves essay about the relationship between business and labor try these illegal drugs.

Caminiti stated that up to half of the league uses illegal substances Washington Post. Any sport where speed and size is needed steroids can be a great advantage to these athletes. Essay on steroids Medical experts have proven in extensive testing and research that the long-term use of steroids is harmful to the human body. Those in favor of steroid use feel that you should be allowed to use the drug if it allows you to perform your job in a better way.

If many people already use steroids why not make them legal and let people take them at their own risk?

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Teacher ENG 27 February In Ben Johnson got his gold decoration taken off when a trial showed he was on steroids. David Wells, pitcher for the New York Yankees, claims that up to 40 percent of major leaguers use steroids and that the drugs are readily available in baseball clubhouses Seattle Times. Along with taking these illegal anabolic steroids come many health hazards.

Many professional sports committees have begun to take action against the abuse of steroids and all other drugs. An Essay on Steroids.

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Among the physical adverse effects to occur, acne is the most prevalent, especially among young users. But athletes continue to take the risks and break the rules in order excel in their sport, which in some cases is their job, their livelihood. Just send your request for getting no plagiarism essay.

Steroids will take the glory out of sports. Anabolic steroids are powerful compounds that bear essays on steroid use in sports relation to the male sex hormone known as testosterone.

The illegal use of these drugs to enhance athletic ability has been prevalent since the fifties. Essay on Steroids in Sports. The violation of these laws is classified as a felony Yesalis Essays on steroids in baseball. All of the major sports federations have banned steroids and other drugs closely related to steroids.