Communal harmony and world peace essay. ! Language Tolerance is essential for peace and harmony in any community

Religion Though the state does not follow any official religion and allows its citizens to choose or change their religion at any point, however, there are certain religious groups that propagate their religion to the extent communal harmony and world peace essay it hampers the peace and harmony of the country.

The violent incidents continued till November Essay - importance of games? Despite cultural, racial and religious differences among themselves, the people here have lived for generations in peace and harmony.

Peace and Harmony Essay

Till communal harmony will never be complete in its practice in the human society. They have also helped one another in various ways at various times. What is the most important sentence in an essay? Many times people belonging to a particular religion are incited to create unnecessary disturbance in the state.

But ingenuity of humans have come communal harmony and world peace essay play and it has started using these differences to create politics of narrow mindedness and parochialism. In a great number of cases, there are fundamental differences even in race, language and religion among the people. It is always understood as harmony between people following different religions.

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Political Menace Many times, the opposition instigates the general public against the party in power to fulfil their own selfish motives and this eventually leads to disturbances. Equal respect to all the religions is a way of promoting peace and harmony in the country.

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Another country that deserves mention is the United States of America. The riots began when Muslims threw stones at the police as they refused to remove pig from the local Idgah. They demanded the inclusion of their caste in the Other Backward Class category. These diversities in a community or country necessitate the maintenance of a tolerant attitude on the part of the people towards one another.

Peace and Harmony Essay 3 words Peace and harmony is very important for the smooth functioning of any society. Inter-State Issues Many regional parties do not encourage people from other states settling in there. Even differences in the color of the skin can cause trouble and violence in a community, and when passions are aroused, men lose their reason and sense of proportion and indulge in the most barbaric acts.

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This was first major riot in the state that involved massacre and loot on a wide scale. People belonging to one religion may be Islam or Hinduism but can have difference in terms of caste or religious sub-sects. Such issues among the states also lead to disruption of peace.

All this proves what could be achieved by the people of a community or a country who exercise tolerance among themselves.

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Would you like to merge this question into it? However, there are several factors that disturb peace in the country. People often come forward to protest against sudden rise in the prices and normal functioning of the society is often disrupted due to this.

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Here is how harmony is maintained amid diversity and the factors that disrupt peace. Inflation The growing rise in the prices of commodities, especially the ones that are required for daily use, is another reason for unrest in the society.

What is the importance of peace and harmony?

If there is harmony in all families then nothing can stand against that country. However it was also part of their downfall as the people began to hate the Party and all it stood for.

Here is a look at the same: However, people belonging to other castes such as the Gujjar and Jat have also started demanding for reservations, thereby, hampering the peace. That tolerance is essential for peace and harmony in a country could be illustrated by reference to the people in Malaysia, a country in which people of various races reside.

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Some are even educational. The government alone cannot responsible for maintaining peace and harmony in the country.

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In conclusion i think we should protect our forests to protect us and our earth. Secularism Promotes Peace and Harmony India is a secular country. Ancient gods, who try to make peace, evntually did, of the people the greeks. Price Rise Price rise is another problem that can disrupt communal harmony and world peace essay smooth functioning of a society.

However, often, it is disrupted due to different social, political and economic factors. This has led to communal violence many a times. Factors Affecting Peace and Harmony While the government of India is taking every possible step to maintain peace and harmony in the country, there are a number of factors that disturb it.

Most men have come to realize that the cohesion of society cannot be secured without the exercise of tolerance on business plan writer for hire uk part of communal harmony and world peace essay members. Use the 'Google Custom Search' below to Search for the essay you want.

So God can have trust in us and to show Jesus that his death was not in vain.

The Sikhs in the country were attacked, by violent mobs. Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE In Peace In an essay on the importance of peace and harmony, one might use the natural world as an example or a metaphor.

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Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? In fact there is a long distance to traversed to attain a stage i evolution where these instincts becomes alien to human nature. Unemployment and Poverty Lack of education and good job opportunities lead to unemployment that eventually add to the poverty and raise the crime rate in the country.

Such attacks create a lot of panic among the people. The country does not have any official religion. The answer for this rests in the basic human instinct of group identity and territorial belonging dating back to pre-evolution days. It must be admitted, however, there have been a few incidents from time to time caused by communal differences in certain localities, yet they can hardly be attributed to the development of a new nation, which has become the envy of many countries.

Religion Certain religious groups try to influence other people and force them to follow their religion or simply belittle other religions. They continued for almost a week.

What happened?

Peace and Harmony Essay 5 words People belonging to different religions and castes reside in different parts of India. One can also use the alignment of the stars and planets in the solar system to illustrate how a small parting of ways can have catastrophic effects. Importance of communal harmony? Ancient gods, who try to make peace, evntually did, of the people the greeks. These bombings were done in the year by the Islamist extremist group, Deendar Anjuman.

The bigger nations are not playing their true role in managing the world, in fact they are imposing their laws on the rest of the world. This is because if we look around us, we see a number of nations who are at war with each other. However, there are times when the peace is disrupted owing to various reasons.

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Hitler once said "Give me a child at the age of four and I could control the world". Next time change the wording of the question. Why is it important to keep the family harmony stability? Reservation System In an attempt to ensure social pay for papers online economic equality for the people belonging to the lower classes, the Constitution initiated the reservation system.

Here is how the Constitution binds people from diverse backgrounds as well as the factors that hamper the peace and harmony of the country.

Long and Short Essay on Peace and Harmony in English

This gave the Nazi Party much more control over the people. Factors Affecting Peace and Harmony Political Issues In an attempt to score partisan goals, political parties usually instigate people against them and this often leads to disturbances in the country. Reservation System The reservation system in the country was initiated with an aim to raise the standard of living of the people belonging to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

Terrorism Terrorist attacks disrupt peace and harmony in the country.

This often leads to communal violence. Why this occurs in humans even after so many forward strides being taken in culture and civilization as well as in science and technology. Many of the things like religion and spiritual teaching are an effort to further the evolution of homosapiens from these tendencies carried over from pre evolutionary days. Peace and Harmony Essay 4 words India is known for its democratic system and secularism that gives both political and religious equality to all its citizens to ensure peace and harmony in the country.

Hence when there is difference of religion,language,caste,colour etc this lack of homogeneity in people will create feeling of superiority of ones own identity in comparison to others. It refers to an environment that is characterized by healthy interpersonal and international relationships, acknowledgment of equality and fairness etc.

Some such instances have been shared below: The family is the heart communal harmony and world peace essay soul of a country. Why is racial harmony important? Racial harmony is very important because it is the first steptowards racial equality.