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Becoming members of society aaron devor essay. michelle's blog: Becoming members of society: Learning the social meanings of gender

It put me in mind of community service or helping the community, though I'm not entirely sure why. Children then grow to understand which specific gender grouping they belong to.

A lot of what this article is about deals with the differences in society between masculinity and femininity. Wednesday, October 6, Becoming Members of Society Before reading I tried again to becoming members of society aaron devor essay from the title what the story would be about.

Another thing I noticed in Devor's essay is a strong sense of feminism, or at least a strong aversion to the traditional gender roles of women in our society today; that women are generally assumed to be passive and submissive while men are often synonymus with power and success. The way women are supposed dress, act, and speak is meant to attract a male counterpart. Devor's "Becoming Members of Society: Society plays a larger part here and as individuals we seek acceptance from our society which fuels our motives to becoming more manly or more womanly.

This strikes me as odd. However, these same instances would not necessarily be accepted in American society during the s. Americans have been getting better at accepting homosexuals and transgender individuals. This level of success often makes men more competitive and aggressive in order to achieve this idealized sense of being a "man.

So, anything that goes against what the system wants, is damaging. Learning the Social Meanings of Gender", he explores the gender roles casted by our society. If a young boy was locked in a room, never becoming members of society aaron devor essay the world and was taught from birth to wear dresses and like the color pink, he would just be a boy that loved pink and wore dresses.

No one thinks to question these roles because they've always been there. I never saw my social etiquette as unfeminine.

Post 10: Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender By: Aaron H. Devor

Masculine and feminine characteristics are usually believed to be opposites of each other. Society plays a big role in the definitions of masculinity and femininity since children will pick up on the values of the settings around them. These known behaviors for men and women are commonly known as masculinity and femininity. I think the long and short of it is, that humans classify.

Perhaps because Honors Society required hours of community service and my mind connected the two. As children we "learn" how to become boys and girls.

Devor is also saying that we understand the difference, because there is one. Women are almost naturally given the role of the caregiver, mother, and a dependence on men. Each generation also plays a big part in how open minded society can be when it comes to gender.

Boys play sports and like cars and want to grow up to be policemen values of marriage essay firemen or superheroes.

Becoming Members of Society: In some areas gender is loosely guarded while in others there are very strict behaviors between men and women. If I am a female, apparently I am doing it wrong.

Learning the Social Meanings of Gender By: This article was great because it made me think. Our society has definitely grown to be more open minded about gender roles and not solely restricting certain characteristics or jobs to one specific sex.

The human need to find order overwrites any other primal need in the social system.

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But if that little boy in the room wearing his dress was to go to school every day, the children and the teacher would tell him to take the dress off and to return with jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Males have taken the role of the stay-at-home Dad proving they are just as good at taking care of children.

In other words, there could easily be no difference. On the other hand, females are maternal, caring, and sensitive. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this essay and how insightful it was.

Masculine attributes consist of being competitive, aggressive, and territorial. In many senses men and women are complete oppositions of each other.

In fact, I don't think I ever would have guessed what this reading would be about from the title. Devor The essay was very analytical and accurate in my opinion. Men are established in society as successful, confident, and self reliant.

This is what we're taught. He says that if one should cross the gender-line, then one is often punished and frowned upon. Masculine archetypes have low voices, take up lots of physical space and hide the emotions. These behaviors have a definite correlation to society and the way they view these gender roles.

Since my mother worked most of the time and I have no sisters, I had very few female influences.

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Gender - being "male" or "female" - isn't something we usually consider on a day to day basis: In the United States I see gender roles with a much larger emphasis than any other. Women and men have distinct characteristics to show the separation between man and woman. I did what my brothers did; I acted how they acted.

Anything that questions or confuses a worldwide thought process, is dealt with becoming members of society aaron devor essay punishment. I found the comparison between social and actual gender very interesting. I didn't know what to think about this one; what could "becoming members of society" mean?

Devore born Holly Devore really gave me a new perspective on thinking about the role gender plays in society today. Devor May 12, Aaron H. Devor starts by stating how gender identity begins at a very young age, between eighteen months and two years. Women on the other hand must be pretty and must be passive.

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What he has to say on crossing that gender-line is thought provoking as well. Men are manly, and must stay that way.

A few questions were spurred while reading this article. Reading this essay by Aaron H.

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People who do not conform to our social gender roles are often not accepted and seen as "unnatural. It made me take a look at how others perceive my gender I spent a great deal of my childhood with my father and my two older brothers. What it takes to even be considered a man among men.