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BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security, a security infrastructure application for distributed authentication, fine-grained entitlements and other security services. Worked with different ops groups to implement the comprehensive application monitoring strategy and Patch management. Oracle this time said it's in its "quiet period".

The suite consists of tools aimed for line of business personnel for creating business process models Beas aqualogic portal and resume and minnesota BPM Designeras well as tools for IT personnel to create actual business process applications directly from said models AquaLogic BPM Studio. It also comes with a customizable tools for live business activity monitoring BAM.

BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Repository, a vital element of effective Service-oriented architecture life cycle governance, manages the metadata for any type of software asset, from business processes and web services to patterns, frameworks, applications, and components.

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Discontinued on version 6. Changed customer application to a new software platform. It is believed that Carl Icahnone of the company's most prominent shareholders, was the main reason that the deal happened. The company is due to announce its fourth-quarter and fiscal results on June For all that, the deals failed to dramatically improve BEA's business results, and it even cited a "surprising" decline in sales.

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These firms were the largest resellers of Tuxedoa distributed transaction management system sold by Novell. Oversee x 24 x beas aqualogic portal and resume and minnesota on call that proactively monitors and resolves production system issues with a team of onsite and offshore resources. The same year, it made its entrance into telecommunications infrastructure through the acquisition of Incomita Swedish telecommunications software provider.

Reviewed the architecture and WebLogic configuration. It provides a repository where services can be registered and reused for developing or modifying applications. It uses the XQuery language for data composition and transformation for a variety of data sources, including relational databases and web services.

Features include allowing users to define access rules for applications without modifying the software itself, including JSP pages, EJBs and portlets. Upgraded WebLogic application and created deployment strategy.

Reduced the value of BEA licenses installed in AOL and Time Warner network from 54 Million to 12 Million by migrating web applications to open source with the help of multiple operations groups.

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BEA AquaLogic Service Bus, an enterprise service bus ESB with operational service-management that allows the interaction between services, routing relationships, transformations, and policies. These technologies work cross-platform.

It's further understood, meanwhile, that most of the former BEA staff to have been axed following the acquisition are in management with just a small number of professional services staff cut.

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Oracle is also splitting the AquaLogic products between "web products" - user interaction, collaboration and the Web 2. Oracle stuck to its preferred course of action in dealing with the press by not commenting on this article. The company's name is an initialism of the first names of the company's three founders: It combines workflow and process technology with enterprise application integration functionality.

Oracle is also asking AquaLogic professional services whether they'd prefer to work with the web suite or the BPM product.

Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Database.

BEA did, though, wind up with a nice new marketing slogan "Think Liquid". BEA soon acquired the Tuxedo product itself, [2] [3] and went on to acquire other middleware companies and products. Resolved production issues and increased application availability. BEA AquaLogic User Interaction, a set of tools used to create portals, collaborative communities composite applications and other applications that use service architecture.

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Oracle's cuts and re-organization appear to fall under the heading of "firm but fair". Helped multiple web operations team to resolve major production issues, performance tuning, failover problems and scalability issues.

All were former employees of Sun Microsystemsand launched the business in by acquiring Information Management and Independence Technologies. System Architect Primary responsibilities are to set strategic leadership and direction for information technology investments, create and implement standards and guidelines for operations. Oracle has also been "generous" in its layoff packages.

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Facilitated communication between staff, management, vendors, and other technology resources within the organization. Served the multiple operations groups that manage J2EE applications by providing enterprise-wide technology policy, standards, guidelines, information, and solutions to architect, deploy and manage applications with cost effectiveness. The completed business process applications are deployed on a production server AquaLogic BPM Enterprise Serverfrom which they integrate to backend applications and generate portal views for human interactions in the process.

It is understood the web products may be taken over by the Oracle team running Stellent content management, acquired by Oracle in Novemberwhile BPM will be moved to the Oracle Fusion middleware brand.

PR06-12: XSS on BEA Plumtree Foundation and AquaLogic Interaction portals

It includes following products: It maps the relationships and interdependencies that connect these assets to improve impact analysis, promote and systematize code reuseand measure the impact on the bottom line. Business consultant The engagement details with some of the clients are listed below Verid, Inc: Best practices and code review.

One insider told The Register that Oracle had been "very decisive" in making product decisions. It grew to have 78 offices worldwide at the time of its acquisition by Oracle.

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InBEA launched a new product family called AquaLogic for service-oriented architecture deployment. This created structural issues, with former chief executive Alfred Chuang once admitting BEA's sales teams had been selling both products against each other.

Evaluated multiple open source containers and worked with compare contrast essay car bus architects to finalize the open source standards.