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An essay on advantages and disadvantages of co education,

In addition, extremely effective online security is absolutely essential. It should be noted that modern colleges and universities have also begun to use online materials, as well as online video sessions and recorded lectures, but still not as much as online education does. Logistics Traditional education is restricted due to logistical issues; there is only a certain amount of students who can be in a specific place at a given time, whereas in online classes, there is no question of paucity of space.

Internet has enhanced and changed every aspect of our lives, and now it is making inroads into the world of education. Today, with the help of internet, it is possible to acquire new degrees at any stage in your busy life. For many it is a disadvantage because it encourages procrastination.

Requires Self Discipline The greater freedom of online classes requires greater self-disciplines, but not everybody has it. With online education the student has much more freedom.

Eight Online Learning Disadvantages

Distance learning is perfect for organization of all kinds. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

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This is only a sample of online college course requirements. These provide many new and interesting ways to learn, as well as certain convenient features, like the ability to watch any section of a recorded lecture any number of times, any time. As long as the online classes have the necessary bandwidth, an unlimited number of students can study, all over the globe. Moreover, any part of the education — classes, exercises, etc.

Internet Connection and Integration Effective online learning depends on effective internet connection, which may either be expensive for some users, or may be damaged, disabling the entire network. This allows many busy adults to adapt online courses to their already established everyday life of work and family.

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They can also address issues, air opinions, ask and answer questions, and make announcements by means of direct messages, forums, chat rooms and email. But whatever the current flaws of virtual education, one thing is obvious: In traditional education systems, students must regularly attend scheduled classes.

Five Online Education Pros Of the many advantages and new possibilities of online education, here are some of its strengths: This article discusses both the advantages and the disadvantages of online education.

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There is a minimum of days per week that students must participate. Distance learning reaches out to all those segments of population which only a decade or so ago were almost completely neglected by educational systems.

For most employers, a DETC accredited online degree is no different to the value of a traditional, regionally accredited institution degree. Lack of direct human interaction must be compensated or minimized and that is done by the internet network. Lack of On-Campus Resources and Educational Tools Online institutions provide all or much of their material online, which may be convenient, since you have to buy and photocopy less.

It would be difficult to get online education in countries that have a limited online presence. Consulting lecturers in person and being able to discuss matters in groups, in and outside the class is, for many, an important motivational activity and learning strategy.

Therefore, specialized online maintenance is required for innovative online environments. Regarding reading material, online institutions supply students with e-books and assign reading schedules, just like traditional courses.

Parents can now combine higher education with family. The number of online universities and colleges is still relatively small and their services are not an essay on advantages and disadvantages of co education well established as the services of traditional institutions. There may also be midterms and quizzes, the date and time of which cannot be chosen.

Part of it is the campus life — during and after classes. One of the disadvantages of taking online education rather than a traditional one is that in online education you will not have the atmosphere of campus lawns, corridors and classrooms, huge libraries with real books you can hold.

Such experience is crucial in general, and it is often noted in particular by employees. Other requirements typically include essays, worksheets, reports, and various papers, all to be submitted by a predetermined date.

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Tuition also costs less for most online institutions. Online education saves a lot of time and money by eliminating all of these. These classes are given on the campus and require transportation time and money, best university essay writers for hire au well as the public and determined nature of group classes.

This flexibility allows very busy people — from housewives to CEOs — to adapt their latest degrees to their workday. The verdict is still out whether it is better for someone to join online or traditional classes, as there are some distinguishing points that differentiate between each method.

For many, a significant advantage of traditional education is that it leaves little room for procrastination. Commuting is also very tiring, while online education means you can study from home, in a comfortable environment with everything you need close at hand.

There are, of course, others, which may or may not make online education suitable for you. Is it the ideal learning method for adult professionals who want or need to expand their education, since an essay on advantages and disadvantages of co education need the flexibility that internet can provide because their time is limited? Traditional classes are also expensive, because the educational institution needs to maintain a place and its facilities.

The Value of an Online Degree The value of an online degree can potentially be an issue, depending on whether the degree was earned from a nationally accredited educational institution or from a non-accredited institution. These two an essay on advantages and disadvantages of co education education methods each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Deadlines for exams and assignments are far less strict in online education. Internet technology, with its new e-learning tools and software, opens new doors to segments of world population which previously, only a decade or so ago, had limited access to education.

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It requires good internet connectivity. The comfort of studying from home may also reflect negatively on your motivation to do your best. While this is not cheap either, it definitely costs less than a traditional institution. Active participation in organized discussions with classmates is graded. Summary Online education is becoming increasingly popular since online services in general are revolutionizing Internet activity and the business industry.

Is online education i. There will be no campus buddies and no campus culture. Online education and classes are not just a buzz; they are a new technology that is making a difference for teachers as well as students. However, some employers, looking to fill specific positions, would be skeptical about the value of the online degree, if received from a nationally accredited institution and not from a regionally accredited one.

Inconvenience It should be mentioned that for most people, reading for hours from a computer screen is uncomfortable and tiresome, entailing reduced reading speed and fatigue. Moreover, for many programs, interpersonal communication is crucial, but it is not easy to seriously practice online.

Student answers must meet word-count and substance requirements. Though traditional education is still the more prevalent and preferable form of education, the practice of acquiring degrees via internet is expanding. Online services must support great numbers of users engaged in multi-media learning processes, downloading and uploading of files, and sometimes real-time online classes.

Saves Time and Money Online education saves an enormous amount of time and money which in traditional education is wasted on commuting. The Dilemma Many students have to decide between online education and traditional education. For many, this is simply the only way they can study for that degree which will take them an essay on advantages and disadvantages of co education in their career and life.

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Science degrees, especially the natural sciences, require lab hours. You have to show up on campus and be in class, and for many this is a great motivational aspect and the reason for their eventual success.

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Even professionals with full-time careers are getting new degrees, without any change of pace at work. Online education as yet cannot provide a substitute for actual hands-on experience that students find in the laboratories on campus.

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Continuous Education an essay on advantages and disadvantages of co education Adult Education The segments of society currently most enthusiastic about online education are primarily adults who work full time, and parents. An essay on advantages and disadvantages of co education on your personality, home can provide as many distractions as traditional campus facility designed especially for studying.

The resources of online universities and colleges are not yet as extensive as those of traditional institutions with their on-campus libraries and the private libraries of generous lecturers who will always lend you that hard-to-find book you absolutely must have for your paper.

There are weekly discussion questions. Greater flexibility Online students have more freedom in choosing their programs and schedules. For example, in online education, though the teachers set up the audio and video clips with the same dedication, it remains to be seen whether the students study it with the same dedication that they would in a classroom.

This leads either to unnecessarily prolonged studies or even failure to fulfill requirements, simply because there was too much freedom. Though many countries have robust internet infrastructures and others are getting it soon, there are still countries, and areas in countries, that do not have reliable access to internet and other advanced technologies.

For many this is highly significant.

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